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Although some of our nursing assistance can be mean to us, we really have to try and appreciate them. It happened today, as soon as I got report from the night nurse, I went to suction one of my... Read More

  1. by   RNKay31
    Quote from hica19
    I would like to be another RN to jump in and thank the CNA's! Actually where I work, the CNA's are called Care Partners, which I like a lot better. It makes it sound more like they and the registered nurses are working as a team to provide the best patient care possible instead of having one work under the other. And I got to say, the Care Partners have been a TREMENOUS help to me, especially as a new nurse. I really don't know what I would do without them. So thank you so much for all your hard work! It's not me either...there are lots of times when the patients themselves report back about how great the care partners are! =D
    That's wonderful
  2. by   RGN1
    We call them HCA's (Health Care Assistants) & I really do appreciate them & always say thank you at the end of the shift.

    There is no "I" in team & the quicker everyone realises that the better a place is to work in.
  3. by   RNKay31
    Quote from MadRedneckRN
    I had to place my 96 year old Grandmother in a SNF last week. The first thing I did was pulled a CNA aside and ask her how much she made and if this was a good place to work. I did this at several places we visited before we decided where we would place her. I asked if the nursing staff helped the CNA's and how admin treated them. I'm happy to report I found a place where the staff works as a team and are well compensated. Thank God for loving, wonderful CNA's who are there when families are unable to be. I make an effort to thank them every day. CNA'S; YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the care you give:hatparty: :hatparty: umpiron: umpiron:

    See, as much as they are they make alot of diffference. God bless them
  4. by   RNKay31
    Jennifer that's a wonderful story you will always remember
  5. by   RNKay31
    RGN1 that is so true
  6. by   hikernurse
    New nurse, past CNA, here. I wish I had known as a CNA how much nurses depend on techs. I really appreciate the work CNAs do--I couldn't make it through my day without all of you! You guys rock!!!

    We have some great techs on our floor and when I'm swamped with stuff I really appreciate knowing their work is done and charted so that I can access what I need when I need it. It may not seem like fancy work, but it is very important.

    Keep up the good work--and thanks.
  7. by   newohiorn
    I love my techs--the tech assigned to my patients can make or break my day. All of the techs I work with (except one) rule and I say thank you every day. I simply cannot do my job well without the help of a tech. I especially like working with the ones that I know are keeping an eye on my patients along with me and I trust their judgment when they tell me something is going on. We are absolutely a team. Thank you to all techs and never underestimate the value of what you are doing--I certainly don't!
  8. by   TrickieTam
    I am a new LPN and recently started at a nursing home which my grandmother is in. I am unhappy with the work load but my Aides keep me going. They go above and beyond helping me out with the residents and I do the same in helping them especially since I understand how hard their job is considering I was a CNA for over 10 years. CNA work is extremely hard and a nursing team that doesn't care about you makes it even harder. Volunteer a bath one day, or take someone to the bathroom. Better yet feed one or two of the feeders for them, it makes the load so much lighter when someone is on your side. Not only do the CNA's notice you not helping but you would be surprised as to what most residents say.