Just took the NCLEX, have questions

  1. Ok, I know that there are a lot of threads about the NCLEX, but everyone seems to be giving such great support and advice that I hope I can get help with my questions. I took the exam on thursday and like most people, I forgot to breathe until I was halfway in and things started getting fuzzy. The exam shut off at 75 questions and I remember thinking I either did fine or I just embarassed all of my professors by failing so badly. I'm leaning toward the latter. I can't tell if I was answering 50% of the harder questions correctly or 50% of the easy ones because the few hard questions that I do remember seem easy now. I do know that I guessed on a bunch. I studied for close to 3 months nonstop with all of the Lippencott, Saunders, Mosby, and Kaplan books (scoring 72-84%), and all of the advice in those books went out the window when I sat in front of the computer screen, I was shaking like a leaf. The questions I can remember answering dealt with priority, and a few meds. I know that there is no relationship between how well you did and the number of questions you answered, but I was wondering if anyone has taken the exam since the changes in april (and felt the same as me) and passed with 75 questions. I don't think that I could take this exam again, I still have 4 more months of OR orientation to go through. It would also be nice to give my mom a belated mother's day present by telling her that I passed, but we'll see. Also, if anyone in PA could let me know how long it takes ot get results, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for listening everyone.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You probably did just fine. Every nurse will answer correctly only 50% of the questions, it is not 50% of the easier or 50% of the harder ones.
    Everyone that I know of that has taken the "new" exam, that had only 75 questions, has passed.

    Good luck and please let us know how you do.

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  4. by   kelseybel
    HI, just wanted to tell you that my test shut off at 80 and my last 5 questions after the 75 were wicked easy so I FREAKED thinking that I was being given a second or something. I think I even missed my last question and I honestly felt as if I guessed on 90% of the questions or more. NO LIE!!! And I found out today I passed so have faith and don't sit there and analyze each question, you'll give yourself a serious migraine. What's done is done!!! Good luck to you.
  5. by   suzanne4
    congratulations on your passing.

    just a little note, the above post was from may, 2004. :spin: