Just need a hug.. Anyone else??

  1. Hey everyone - just feeling like I need hugs today; so I'm asking for them and sending them out to anyone else who feels like they need them. :icon_hug:

    The whole new nursing role just seems to take its toll. I'm in a internship program where we "rotate" from floor to floor. I'm on the end of my second rotation now and I've had a great preceptor this round and about to change again to a new floor next week. Actually, we will be bidding on open positions in the next week or so for a permanent job. Problem is the floor I want to work on, is the floor every new grad and most of the other interns want to start on (med/surg) and there are no open positions currently there (I talked to the director) sigh..

    So i'm currently looking for positions at hospitals closer to my home (where I'm at is about 1 hour away).

    In any case I hate to be a whiner but is seems this new nursing thing has turned me into one. I just have felt so beat up. It's just amazing you work your A@@ off to make it through school, then you walk through fire again to pass your boards, then you get out on the floor and your faced with new trials.

    It's just never ending, and I'm wondering when I find my little groove again. Everything just feels "off" in my life right now, can't seem to get into an exercise routine, can't seem to get work down pat, sigh, sorry, in any case just venting here and again asking for hugs and sending them to anyone else feeling the same thing....
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  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Virtual hug headed your way! Hang in there. You can do this!

    Please send one back. Agree orienatation is rough! I'm there.
  4. by   newohiorn
    I could sure use a hug too. I agree that it feels like I worked my butt off in school so I could have the privilege of working at a job that most days I don't like and even hate. I'm pretty down most days when I wake up because I dread going to work. I'm trying to suck it up because I know it is supposed to get better but that hasn't helped me feel any less rotten in the meantime.

    Sending hugs your way and I'll be happy to accept any coming my way.
  5. by   healer27
    havin a party and newohiorn here are hugs to you both :icon_hug:

    Like I said I try to be positive but some days sigh it's tough to keep pluggin...
  6. by   RNLisa
    :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug: :icon_hug:

    From me to all of you, and to myself!!!
  7. by   Cherish
    For anyone needing a hug. :icon_hug: :icon_hug:
  8. by   veggiegarden
    Yep, I hear you. Feeling the same way, too. Many (((((hugs))))) sent out to all.
  9. by   Spatialized
    I'll send a hug and a your way. Sounds like you need it!

    I feel your pain though. IF I could only get into a new grad program, I'd be feeling a lot better. I've found that I'm more than qualified to do menial jjobs outside of nursing, but not qualified enough to do nursing...just frustrated about it. You're right, we spend a lot of time busting our butts and when we get out, it ain't all that pretty. I know that it will work out, but the meantime sucks.

  10. by   healer27
    Thanks Tom - I'll take that beer in a heartbeat! LOL and everyone else - ahhhh I love this board - don't know what I'd do without it.

    Your right the "meantime" between passing the nclex and getting comfortable is really yucky.. I try to look at it as a challenge and exciting but sometimes I'm like ugh, its just so tiirrrriiinnnggg. Well. like you said we'll get there!!

    Thanks to all for the hugs --keep em coming!
  11. by   bigmona

    i am in desperate need of hugs and understanding... ever since i've been off orientation i feel like i've been thrown to the wolves. very first night on my own i had a patient die (my first experience with that)- and since then the drama hasn't stopped. i'm always the first one hit with an admission, usually right after getting report at shift change...one nurse said i was "making it up" that i'm getting more difficult assignments because i'm new and another told me, "you're at the bottom of the food chain" when i started to vent about how i'd been running my butt off all night and the other nurses were sitting watching tv and reading magazines.
  12. by   CaliNicuRN
    Big hugs to us all! This is tough and it feels like one never ending trial after another.
  13. by   healer27
    Big Mona - I'm sorry it sounds like its been really tough for you - I believe that you get hit with stuff call it beginners luck! lol! Along similiar lines I always seems to have patients that develop problems simulateneously around 7 p.m. right before change of shift????? ...

    Good Luck hope things get better for you..
  14. by   Murseintraining78
    :icon_hug: Here is one for you. I am a first year student so I'm sure I'll be needing these myself very soon. Hang in there!!!