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  1. I finally took the NCLEX today. It was a little harder than what I thought it was going to be. I was done in less than a hour, and that was reading the questions at least twice (if not more) and giving it some thought before I answered each one. I walked out feeling that I failed the exam... and I still feel as if I failed it. I'll find out on Wednesday if I passed it. It was an off test. Mine had a lot to do with cancer and diabetes. I only had two pharmacology math related questions which the first one I know I got right, but the second one I forgot all about calculating the right dose for a child. I know now how to do it after the test is over with, and I think it's the same way I did it on the white board
    during the test. The lady who escorted me out said she hadn't seen any one take the test so quickly before... I told her it wasn't my fault the computer shut down so fast. I was expecting a range of different topics on the test, but that wasn't the case.
    I'll post again to let every one know how I did come Wednesday.
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  3. by   nekhismom
    I'm sure you did fine. A lot of people on this board say the feel like the failed, like the test was over too soon, etc. Just take heart. Perhaps you are a fast test taker? I am sure you knew most of the answers to your questions. BTW, how many questions did you have? I wish you the best luck. In the meantime, just keep your chin up and be sure to keep us posted! <<<<HUGS>>>>>>>
  4. by   Tinker
    When I took the NCLEX last month I was sure I had failed. I felt some of the questions were tricky and WAY too specific (ie - who would be more at risk for colon cancer came up like 3 times! I don't think we ever talked about colon cancer in nursing school!). I also only had the min. number of questions, but I still passed.
    It's a nutsy test, but there is no way to know how you did until you get the results. Just take a deep breath!