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I want to be a nurse. I have my license and cannot get a job for the life of me. My big problem is experience. I tried getting experience as a nursing assistant but I could not get a job because the... Read More

  1. by   nursedanny614
    Yeah I am looking into doctor's offices too.
  2. by   nursedanny614
    There is nothing wrong with me. I just got a job full time.
  3. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Awesome!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lol i bet it feels so good to be able to write that post! I cant wait to get a job and be able to post or text everyone with the good news!!! Good luck! Keep us updated.
  4. by   nursedanny614
    Thanks. I ended up on a psych ward.
  5. by   FormerLawyer
  6. by   JulieL
    Hey nursedanny614! Congratulations on your job! Was it your mom who knew a connection that finally landed it for you? How did it go?
  7. by   nursedanny614
    Yea her connection was involved. Yay mom lol. It was the first and only interview I got and I got the job for it.
  8. by   JulieL
    That is great! Good luck and learn alot!!!