Is Saturday considered to be a business day?

  1. Took the test this morning. It shut off at 75 questions - and I just don't really know what to think. Someone said something about finding out results from Pearson on Saturday since it was considered to be a business day. Is this true? Has anyone actually learned their results on a Saturday?

    I am so glad it's over. Now for a well-earned nap.
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  3. by   kiddoRN
    Mine were post on last Saturday around 11 am. I had checked at 6:30 and 9 am but they weren't there yet. Then at 11 there they were.

    Good luck.
  4. by   dsczephyr
    Thanks. I will definitely be checking then on Saturday. Have a great weekend!
  5. by   Angelica
    I didn't know that. I had rescheduled my test from a Thursday to a Wednesday because I was afraid I would have to wait till Monday to find out. Talk about being impatient!
  6. by   JacelRN

    Just in case you haven't checked yet, they DO post on Saturdays. Good Luck in passing! We're here for you either way.

  7. by   dsczephyr
    Thanks jacel311. Actually - to my real surprise they posted the results on the 4th of July - and I passed!!! But it's great to know about Saturdays and I have been passing the word along to my classmates. Take care - Denise
  8. by   jjohn4
    I just took my Boards yesterday at 8.00 am and I wish they post my result by tomorrow. Is it true they post results on Saturday ? Like everyone said waiting is really tough. I am getting sick in my stomach every second I wait. I am checking my results every hour.:typing
  9. by   squirtle
    Today is Saturday and my results posted, so I think the answer is yes. The other thing I noticed is that it posted at exactly the same time it was when I completed my exam, so I am not sure if they post exactly 48 hours later or if it was just coincidence.