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  1. Hey everyone! I just needed some input on this.

    I applied at a hospital for a GN position in the ER. I got a call back for an interview this week and set my interview up for this coming Thursday. But when I just happened to look at the hospital's website for job postings, I noticed that the position that I'm interviewing for was taken down. All other GN positions are still there, but the ER one is not. Does this mean that they have already filled the position and are just going to interview me because it was already set up?? I'm so confused now Any advice??
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    COuld be varied things: it was taken down by accident, they have filled that particular position but have some coming open soon, who knows?

    Go for it - you'll love the ER!
  4. by   llg
    It could also mean that they have enough applicants and beleive that they will fill the position from the pool of people who have already applied. They may not want to encourage additional applications -- but they still plan to fill the position you applied for.
  5. by   Trauma_Queen
    Just wanted to give an update...

    I went for the interview on Thursday and was invited back for the second round of interviews! I'm so excited.

    Everything about the interview was amazing. The manager was very impressed with the questions I was asking and the nurses on the unit were very nice!

    Now let's hope everything goes well in the second round and I get an offer! :spin: