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I visit this forum often but never post. I thought I'd share my experience with boards. It was harder than I expected. Like everyone else has been saying, there were a lot of delegation/priority type... Read More

  1. by   NICUbabyRN
    That is so great! :hatparty:
  2. by   pcat
    Thanks! I start hospital orientation on Monday. I can't wait until I am actually on the floor and get to sign my name with R.N. at the end. haha
  3. by   orchid
    hi PCat....try and be CALM and positive during the wait....doing mine on Monday....0h God....Good luck to you ..keep us posted
  4. by   orchid
    :hatparty: congratulatons.....
  5. by   rnblueeyes
    [font=Lucida Sans Unicode]pcat,

    [font=Lucida Sans Unicode]I know exactly how you feel. I just took my boards on Tuesday and was in your exact situation. I got 75 questions and didn't feel that I did that well, but I passed. My instructor for the Kaplan review course said that she never heard of anyone failing with 75 questions. That still didn't reassure me until I got my results, but at least it's something to keep in mind. Just try and stay relaxed because when you think about it, there's nothing you can do about while you're waiting for the results. Go out and do something you enjoy to try and keep you're mind off of it. (Even though that's almost impossible to do). Let me know how you did.
  6. by   pcat
    I got my official letter from the board yesterday and I did indeed pass. =)
  7. by   ucandoit
    Quote from pcat
    i got my official letter from the board yesterday and i did indeed pass. =)
    congrats you are now pcat, rn
  8. by   rnblueeyes


    isn't it such an awesome feeling hearing that one little word : pass
  9. by   pcat
    haha, yes! especially when I seriously thought I failed.