I took NCLEX on Monday, N. Carolina results?

  1. The computer shut off at 75. It seems like an eternity has passed since the test. I have heard that N.C. updates their results at 10 am on Fridays. Does anyone here have experience with that state? I live in Ohio, where you find out in 48 hours and the wait is killing me. Thanks, Jen
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  3. by   Marlo2bRN
    Took mine on Jun 30th found out Jul 2. I called BON because they update faster than the website. Hope that helps. Oh and I do live in NC.
  4. by   starter-rn
    I took the test Jun. 18, and found out two days later that I passed.
  5. by   rosemadder
    Don't worry if you don't hear soon....they get backed up...mine took 10 days to show up on the phone line.
  6. by   Khm
    Well, I took my on August 22nd which was a Friday a.m., found out by letter 8 days later and it's still not up on their website because the CBC hadn't been completed but at least they sent the letter saying I passed. Some of the other girls that took it on a Wednesday of the following week found out by letter as well that Saturday so it really depends on the day of the week you take it. But don't think the worst if you call the BON # or check the website for your results. I did and I passed, just the hold up with the CBC. Hope that helps!