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Hi I am a new nurse. I went through an orientaion in a critical care program, which lasted for 8 weeks. This consisted of classroom and clinical time in CCU. After finishing my training I oriented on... Read More

  1. by   Newbie_RNA
    Hi hun,

    Unti I read this forum and obviously listened to a few fellow students, that so many of us feel the same! Its so very sad when we have all taken years out to train as nurses and the end result is that we are either bullied, made to feel incompetent, and generally made to feel and at times be told, we are never going to make it as nurses, even though the ward manager who says that still after being my mentor for 8 weeks, has shown me nothing and not even allowed me to do one drugsround, because I am too slow! I hav to say I am very disillusioned and I havent even started my first post yet. I wish that I had never trained as a nurse and studied something else, because unfortunately I have never been treated so badly by so many people in the nursing arena. Sadly this accounts for the current training in the UK also. So all I can say to you is hang in there, and Im sure you will make it hun, although at times I have to say, Im not sure nursing really is for me anymore x