I passed

  1. I found out about an hour ago thru Pearson VUE that I passed. The State of Michigan still has me as pending though...hurray! :hatparty: :chuckle
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  3. by   orchid
    :hatparty: congrats...got my results a few hours ago..am so happy....good luck
  4. by   NurseMeco
    YES, YES, YES....My prayers were with you guys....Way to go.
  5. by   KimRN03
    :hatparty: WHoooHoooooo!!!! Isn't that the BEST feeling in the world! Enjoy your wonderful day!
  6. by   hock1
    I want to thank everybody for their support....I'm an RN..hurray!
  7. by   NurseDixie
    Congratulations vhope. Don't it make you feel good to know you passed. I know it made me feel great!
  8. by   icureu