I love this J-O-B!

  1. Granted it isn't really my job yet....but I love it anyway. I might say I would do it for free forever but...I gotta eat! I had my first patient with multiple open wounds and it took me FOREVER to get them all changed but I have never felt more at home.Is that normal? This is only my second clinical day so I realize I may be in for a surprise but I seriously have never felt more at home anywhere. I don't want to go back to class! This is what I was born to do! WOOHOO, bring on the drainage! [img]images/smilies/embarassed.gif[/img]
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Glad you're enjoying your clinicals!
  4. by   luvltc
    Keep up the positive attitude. Sounds like you will be a wonderful nurse.