I just took the NCLEX-RN

  1. My test stopped at 106Q. I am not so sure how I did but I think I got 50% right. I had mostly priority questions, some OB, no calculations, lots of meds, lots of PCA pump, AIDS, and some management questions. I also think I got the first and last questions right but I know this is not the basis of my passing the NCLEX. By the way, thank you so much, Jen (JACEL) for sending me those notes again. I did use your notes about relieving anxiety and it did helped me quite a bit. I really am hoping that I will pass this exam. Lastly, I did not have any of the innovative questions but the amount of meds and management questions did increase. Goodluck to all who will be taking this exam and May God Bless us all.


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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    no words of wisdom to give just wishing you the best.
  4. by   pinayhomegirl
    yeah..me too.. all of us pray that you pass so that there will be more nurses to care for other people...god bless!!!
  5. by   skanded
    I am sure you did great! Can't wait to hear!