I have fainted at the sight of blood...

  1. I was wondering if anyone has a history of fainting and has still become a nurse. I once fainted as a child after getting a shot and then as an adult when a friend's child got a bloody nose at the dinner table. Now I don't faint all the time or anything. I have 2 kids who have gotten bloody and it's no big deal, but I can't forget the last fainting incident. Should I be concerned about fainting in clinicals? I am a pre-nursing student now and am a little worried about this.... Thanks!
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  3. by   raemon
    i became a nurse... i fainted also on my first time encounter with an episiorrhaphy, blood is oozing... and right after the baby was delivered i fainted and assisted by my friend...but that just happened once. on the second time i did it with out being fainted and until now, i can do any bloody cuts i am encountering in everyday life....
    its all in the mind.. you can do it too....
  4. by   LauraMT
    I fainted in nursing school watching a PICC insertion. The next week I was in a bloody surgery and had no problems. Talk to some nurses--a large chunk of them will share their "I fainted when..." stories. I've seen picc insertions since then and all sorts of stuff and never felt faint again. You can do it!
  5. by   RN1989
    Fainting is no big deal. Just wait till you are trying NOT to throw up in front of a patient or family at something really gross. Always carry alcohol preps in your pocket and sniff them when you start getting that lightheaded or nauseous feeling - it helps.
  6. by   scastillo1
    Thanks for the responses. It actually makes me feel much better and more sure that I can do this hearing your stories!
  7. by   meme75
    I have been told by many nurses that they fainted in clinicals or even on the job, it happens....Good luck