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I graduated in December, and have been working on an inpatient oncology unit since. I DREAD going to work each week. The days I do have off, I'm too tired to enjoy. I'm not overwhelmed or any of the... Read More

  1. by   kynurse06
    Wow! I have read almost every single post and am shocked to find out that I am not alone. I have been a nurse for a year now and my life has been a blur since I began working. I was so excited to become a nurse, wanted to help people, save lives, and make a difference. Isnt that a joke. Healthcare is so terrible right now, they work us with such short staff that its impossible to be the nurse that I want to be, do good assessments and leave each pt in better condition than I found them. What a load!!! I have been miserable for every single second of my nursing career. I like to take care of people, but HATE everything else about nursing. I hate the doctors who are mostly arrogant with a God complex, I hate other nurses who could care less if Im drowning with my patient load. I hate how the only time you here from management is when they are complaining on our unit for mistakes, but never once give us a shout out for things that go right. I hate how management says we arent getting enough done, yet they keep putting more on us. Sometimes I cant stand my patients. I had this lady last month that was hateful with me and said i was in a hurry, little did she know that while I had been in her room for 10 minutes repositioning her and trying to get her comfortable that I had lab holding on the phone, someone calling out for pain meds, and an IV beeping. Most of the nurses I work with would help, but they dont even have time either. Hardly ever does anyone thank me for the care that I give them, its just expected. Most of my patients are in alot of pain. I work on SCI unit .But boy if I am one minute late with pain meds I hear it everytime. Sometimes I would like to say YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PATIENT ON THIS FLOOR. I dont know what to do at this point. I kind of feel like all hope has been lost for me with this career. I can tell you that I will not be doing this for the rest of my life. NO WAY. I want to enjoy my life like I used to before I became a nurse. I dont sleep anymore and wake up at 3am with a panic attack hoping I did everything right at work the night before. I am tired of holding my bladder until I no longer have to void and not having 2 minutes to heat up my lunch. I have lost so much weight unintentionally, my husband is worried about me. I eat when Im not working, but there just isnt any time. Sure I could sit down and eat but I would get behind. Usually I am at work for a good 6 hours on my feet before I take a bathroom break and get a drink of water. AHH i dont know. Sorry to complain so much, Im just really exhausted with it all. Thanks for letting me vent, I feel some better.
  2. by   LeighaChristineSN
    I realize some of these posts are a couple of years old but, it was what I needed; to know that I am not alone. I have only been working as a nurse for two months and I am not enjoying it. It is not nursing in general, I still love nursing. It is my job; I feel bored and judged and can not wait for my year to be up so that I can move on. Gosh I don't know how I will make it through tomorrow night much less ten more months. When I graduated from nursing school I had such high expectations and not a single one came true. It is not the nurses that I work with, 96% of them are wonderful. I am just not happy. Not even a little and being unhappy at work is causing me to be unhappy in life.
  3. by   eyeball
    Hey all- After experiencing the misery that is floor nursing for 16 months I took the plunge and left. I seriously contemplated ditching nursing entirely but then began to apply for nursing jobs with one stipulation: no hospital. I am now working in a Health Department as a public health nurse. I really like my job....the pace is doable, I get 1:1 time with clients, I do lots of education, work in a small team that can't afford to ****** with each other cause it'll come right back atcha, get treated like a professional. I truly feel bad for any of you who feels that the only option for you is hospital nursing. When an earlier poster said referring to hospital "Your soul dies" he/she was not kidding and that's just too high a price to pay.