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YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out this morning that I PASSED! I am now a bonafide RN! Thanks everybody.... Read More

  1. by   treddrn
    Congrats!!!! WHEW.......now you can relax!!
  2. by   nour
    hi :"

    my names nour .
    iam a new member in nurse family ,iam so happy to eb joined & most lovely thing your sweet & kind words .thats right ,some times we some one take our hands to pass through ires line, so our dear lord send his messanger ;unique one to take our hands & i guess that you now my lord messanger come to me in right time .so iwish if we could to make live chat.wise mom
    from Egyptian friend to sister in god
  3. by   nour
    my e-mail is

    butanonny@hotmail .com

    only to Thread