How to overcome fear of the hospital?

  1. Hi all! Im an LPN getting ready to bridge over to RN starting in January. Ive been an LPN for a year and Ive worked in peds home care. Home care is very slow paced, laid back, etc., and easy to get very "comfortable" in to say the least. Going to the hospital after I graduated LPN school wasnt an option bc they dont hire many LPNs around here and if they do they want them to have hospital experience. Anyway, I feel a little bit out of the loop and Im scared to death of the hospital.

    Its not so much my abilities to do procedures/skills, etc, because I know Ill get back up to par from clinicals in RN school. Its that Im afraid of not knowing my stuff when it comes to recognizing problems (for example missing something important during an assessment), talking to Dr.'s and other nurses without sounding dumb, learning organization and time management to get through a shift with several patients vs my one patient Im used to in home care, etc, etc.

    How do I face and overcome a fear of working in the hospital? I dont want my fears to hold me back from expanding my knowledge and growing as a professional. I would be holding myself back if I stay in home care just because I fear the unknown in the hospital. help!
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    I think what you have written about your fears is very common to all of us. I know it doesn't help you over come it but maybe just realizing that you are NOT the only one feeling this will help.
  4. by   RNKay31
    Wow! Sorry I can't help you but wishing you the best
  5. by   Adria
    I am scared of beginning work in the hospital as well. I am a new RN, just passed my boards in October and still waiting for the license. I keep telling myself that my fear comes from a new environment, from dealing with situations that are new to me and from fear of making mistakes...but all this is normal! As I start working and practicing I will become better and more confident, and so will you. Just go for it and make sure you have a list of coping strategies handy...I'm sure you will need them until you get adjusted and gain confidence. Best of luck to you!