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Hey all! I know there is a section on this forum about disabilities but I don't think this relates to clinical anxiety/depression. As a new nurse (2 months without preceptor) I basically have,... Read More

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    Quote from babysteps25
    You are not alone in anxiety. I am almost at my 1 year mark, been working for 11 months. I stopped having meltdowns after 3 months but I still have A LOT of anxiety all the time. I keep being told things are supposed to snap into place after a year and it worries me that I am so close and still so anxious and unsure of myself all the time.
    I've been working for about five months, and my manager says it will take about six to feel better. My coworkers think that is bunk and claim a year or so. Everybody seems to have different time frames, but all I know is that I feel pretty miserable.

    But I guess I'm the one who wanted to be a nurse, right?