How far will you travel to work?

  1. Like many others, I'm still looking for my first RN position after graduating this spring. I finally decided last week to begin applying to hospitals farther away, just over an hour's drive. I'm curious to hear how far from home some of you go, or would be willing to go, in order to work.
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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    In traffic I commute up to 2 hours and 15 minutes one way to get to work. I travel 3 heavily congested, major highways.
  4. by   RainMom
    Ouch!! I live in a rural area so we have to drive everywhere, but there is no major traffic.
  5. by   xtxrn
    Is there any way to relocate?
  6. by   sillywilly
    I have been looking up to the hour and a half range. I'm sure it will take much longer with bad traffic.
  7. by   BanoraWhite
    I currently commute an hour and a half each way on public transport.
    Hopefully I'll be moving soon, it seems all my free time goes on travelling !
  8. by   RainMom
    Quote from xtxrn
    Is there any way to relocate?
    Not really, at least not very easily - married, 3 kids, mortgage.

    About 10 days ago, I started applying to jobs just over an hour away & had an interview with one 2 days ago. Would love to work there; bigger, newer facilities than the smaller hospitals in my area. BUT also got a call & interviewed yesterday at a closer hospital where I did 2 semesters of clinicals. Both went well, but I think the closer hospital will work better right now for me & my family. They actually both start out about the same in pay, but the larger hospital gives a $5 increase/hr in the base rate after 18 mos. Sounds super but with being a brand new nurse with a 7 month old, I'm thinking a shorter drive at a familiar facility will be better for right now at least.

    Hopefully will hear something from both in the coming week Also, had a call from a 3rd hospital about 45 minutes away & interview there on Monday!
  9. by   BelleP
    About an hour away with no traffic. The drive is easy but tough in the winter time, tougher after a midnight shift.