Hope for peeps that have just taken NCLEX - page 2

Hey guys! I just found out my NCLEX results and I passed. I had a 160 questions and I felt like maybe 30% of the questions were priority- not a lot. This is the only reason I was kinda freaked out... Read More

  1. by   paris2
    Can some explain me what does NCLEX abbreviation means.

  2. by   Ari RN
    National Council Licensing Examination.

    You take this exam when you graduate from either an RN program or a PN program. When you pass it you officially become an RN or an LPN/LVN.
  3. by   meg_wfd
    congrats u give me hope that i also have a chance to pass. im on my 4th day of waiting! my friends got their results in 3days. how long did it take u to get your results & what state are u from ?
  4. by   ab2004
    hi everyone, any tips for taking nclex rn , i take mine wed and im so nervous,
  5. by   adason07
    congrats..now go burn those books...lol