Hi! new nurse with questions

  1. Hi everyone! I posted in the nclex forum, and now look at me here!
    Well, here goes. What kinds of mistakes have any of you made that made you think "I dont think I'll be a good nurse?"
    I work in a group home for Developmentally disabled people. I worked with this agency for years now. But I just started at a new home as a new nurse not that long ago.
    And I think because they all know I've been there as an aide that I dont need as much training. Which on one hand that is true, but in reguard to the new role as a nurse its NOT! So, I know that I need to speak up, but I'm also annoyed that the nurses that are "teaching" me dont remember being new and are just throwing me in.
    Thanks all for just being there!
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  3. by   suzy253
    Hiya--I'm a new RN and am still learning the ropes. I'm getting a bit better and getting more confidence as I go along but I do have days where my confidence takes a plummet. I just keep telling myself that I'm new at this and I absolutely have no problem asking the charge nurse or other staff nurses about something I'm unsure of. They say it takes at least a year to feel really comfortable. Hang in there!!!
  4. by   Herk's mom
    I know I'm not alone, but sometimes it sure feels that way!