Hi, just wanted to vent about not finding ideal position

  1. Hi. As I explained before, I'm the older 2nd degree BSN graduate who graduated in Dec 08, and passed boards in Jan '09. I accepted a job in a Medicine unit almost a week after I passed boards. I was actually hoping to get another job in another hospital, but since this job was there, I accepted the job offer. Well, regretfully, they told me that as of 4/10, I couldn't handle the load effectively enough after 4 weeks. They said the orientation was only 6 weeks. Well, I was given a month to find a new job within that system. I haven't really found it. I was actually hoping against hope that I would be accepted in a Telemetery position at another hospital (heard they treated nurses better there), which just happened to have my mom's friend in the same unit. She said she put in a good word for me, but I found out from the HR recruiter that that manager was thinking about wrapping up interviews this week, and if I haven't heard anything then, it's not a good sign. She said look to see if she would set up for an interview next week, but personally, I'm not counting on it.

    Well, I consulted this part-time nurse in the system I'm still technically in who's been a nurse for 30 years who btw evaluated me on behalf of my manager, and she said why don't I come to her hospital, which btw is in the same system that I'm still in. She said her recommendation before was for me to either be transferred to a slower paced unit or to have more orientation. According to her, the Medicine units at her hospital are 12 weeks! What the f*&#! I wish she told me this a month ago. Well, I went ahead and applied internally to 4 positions in Medicine units at her hospital and another unit (Same Day Surgery) at another hospital.

    Overall, I felt lucky that I was able to access this. When I looked at the regular list of positions available outside of the hospital, these Medicine units were not available. I put down my reasoning for transferring as 8 hour shifts would be more conducive to my learning than 12 hour shifts. Trying to be more positive.

    Kind of kicking myself in the butt that I wasn't more aggressive in applying for other positions; however, I'm starting to realize that it's only been 3 weeks, and I already applied to these 5 positions plus other positions elsewhere, so...what can I do? It's just really hard, because according to the hospital I'm technically employed at, and other the hospital I applied to before, they're accepting fewer applications. Plus, my nurse manager friend at the other hospital told me not to give up, because more people would be leaving, etc. and new wings are being built.

    Kind of wishing I didn't apply to the position I'm currently at until 5/10, but at the same time, glad I had these opportunties to apply. I know there are others who haven't found their job until now. I have a husband who doesn't make enough money to support me and my little daughter, but at the same time, I do have my parents helping us. I just wish I wasn't in this situation.

    Sorry, just venting looking for words of encouragement that it'll get better, because most of the other hospitals and positions are not accepting new grads. I was told to apply anyway even though this economy is so bad.

    Thanks for listening!
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    Oh yeah, volunteering at my doctor's clinic. There are some things she does there that I actually did on the floor. Hoping to get some experience doing that. Thanks.
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    if your floor is not willing to give you more orientation i would talk to hr. i seriously doubt new grads get only 4 weeks... that sounds dangerous!!! even those of us who have tech and nurse extern experience need to be allowed time to orient properly as a rn. thus, do not give up at your current place of work. do not let them push you around! demand more orientation and do not let them hold it against you!!! btw, there is nothing wrong with venting... keep trying. the job market is tight right now so it is difficult to find another place to work.

    i am trying to take on more hours in m/s. i have given up trying to apply for a position in the ed until i have about 1-2 years of m/s experience and by that time i will be able to go on active duty army and have it put into my contract to be an ed nurse (i no longer will waste my time with my current hospital’s opportunities). like you, i look at the positive part, which is that i am still employed. i am also looking at the opportunities on the floors i work on for more skills and experience. there is a ton on m/s floors. be sure to keep track of the things you are doing and when you are doing them so when the time comes, you can have that information to impress prospective employers. gl!
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    Thanks for the info. I have asked for more orientation from my floor, but they said they doubted that I would be given more orientation. My previous floor said that they give 6 weeks orientation, and they think I'm not ready after 4 weeks, and for that matter doubted that I would even be ready after 6 weeks, which is their orientation limit. HR said they doubted that I would be given more orientation. I have even asked for an unpaid internship, but they said they doubted that even I would be given that. It was responses like that that actually didn't make me want to apply again to the hospital at least 3 weeks ago. Well, I have my applications to the other Medicine units at the other hospital in the same system. Still kind of shocked that the other hospital in the system is offering 12 weeks of orientation for m/s. I'm hoping that that might pan out.

    If not, then oh well.... I just don't know what else to do that's the problem except apply for other positions. Thanks for listening!
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