1. I posted a few weeks ago about how I've had to be in charge some nights (I started in June on an acute geriatric medical floor), and at that point, things were okay...not great. Last week, I worked some overtime..and UGH! I am searching for a new job starting in the morning!

    I never felt like I was putting my license in jeopardy until last week. I worked with a travel nurse who has many years (I believe 20) experience, but not a whole lot in med/surg, and had one other float or agency nurse each night. I was the only regularly scheduled staff, so I had no choice but to take charge. (We still take patients when we are charge).

    The problem is I was the only one, three nights in a row who was competent in computer usage. And each day I walked in to a COMPLETE mess. Orders not signed off, etc. Had 8 patients on top of this, with admissions. I hadn't cried from work until then. I called the nursing supervisor and clinical educator for help one of the nights, because I just didn't have the time to help the other nurses, we had several patients not doing well. They were WONDERFUL, thank God! They both keep telling me how well I am doing, but I NEVER want to be in that position again! I don't mind taking charge when I know the people I am working with are competent, but I can't do it like that again!

    Anyway...I am going to apply at another hospital, and also hospice. I know I should probably finish up my med/surg year of experience, but I can't help but being afraid staffing is like this everywhere! I know of someone who works for hospice and LOVES is, and I really feel it is calling me. I don't care about pay or scheduling at all at this point (which I love about my current job), I just really want to enjoy going to work again!

    Any suggestions on where to make my next move?
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  3. by   newRNcolorado
    That sounds like way too heavy of a load for anyone! You really should give yourself credit for giving it your all everyday with such a load of responsibility.
    I worked for hospice for almost 2 years as a CNA before I became a nurse and I loved it. You really get to know your patient and their family, and you get to spend so much more time with them. You really feel like a caregiver and not a "task do-er." ) If that's what you're interested in, I think you should go for it!
  4. by   Tweety
    That's an awful load for anyone, let alone a new grad. Anyone would be stressed. There are going to be stressful overwhelming days no matter where you go, no matter how good the staffing is or how many years you have. Welcome to nursing.......sigh. Good luck in finding something that works better for you.

    How was your license in jeopardy? The licensed nurses took care of their license I suppose, and you used the chain of command whom said you were doing a great job. Give yourself some credit for doing the right thing.