1. Hi I recently graduated from nursing school and moved to trying to get a job at Emory in mother-baby. Well, I had my interview last week with two women who were nurse managers but not the main manager for the floor apparently. The main manager was on vacation. Well, a week after the interview i emailed the recruiter and she said they had been waiting for the nurse manager to get back to make a decision...she was supposed to be back on Tuesday and it is now Thursday a total of a week and two days after my interview. Is this a normal amount of time to wait after an interview?? Should I start looking elsewhere?
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  3. by   mom2michael
    Call again and just say something like...I'm checking on the status on my application and interview. Ask them if they need any further information or references to assist them in the process of making a decision.

    Part of the delay might be that the manager is really busy coming back from her time off, info might just now be getting to HR and then HR has to do their HR thing, which can take who knows how many days.

    It doesn't hurt to email or call again though and see where they are in the process.
  4. by   Hoozdo
    I would call and say you have another job offer, but you would really like to work for what is the status please? Put a time limit to the request - like you need to let the other employer know by Wednesday, May 30.

    In my area of the country you pretty much get hired during the interview and there is no waiting. Atlanta may not be quite that short of nurses though. Best of luck!
  5. by   citrine
    Thank you for the great advice guys, I emailed them yesterday and the recruiter said that I should know something by today....we'll see.