Gynae Theatre Nursing - Can u help me?

  1. ]Hi ,
    ]I have just finished my nurse training and am delighted that I have been offered a post in gynae theatres. However, as we only get approximately 2 weeks training on theatre nursing in the whole three years that we study I feel very vulnerable going to work in an unfamiliar workplace.
    ]I have never had a placement in surgery either.
    ]I was just wondering if anyone could please provide some further information, i.e the normal routine of a nurse in theatre/ operations that are carried out in gynae theatres/ or any additional information that would be of help.
    ]I would appreciate all your help
    ]Many thanks in advance
    ]mmck x
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  3. by   Altra
    Hello mmck ... welcome to!

    I don't have any specific info for you as I work in the ER (A&E), but a year ago as a new grad I went directly into that specialty after very little exposure to the ER in school.

    Being a brand-new nurse is nervewracking for the first several months, at the very least. Give yourself time, and be ready to "be a sponge" -- you won't be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of the specialty.

    You could probably glean some helpful info from the OB/Gyne and Operating Room Nursing forums here at allnurses ... be sure to check them out.

    Best of luck to you, and keep in touch to let us know how you're doing!