Graduating next week need help with Thank you letter

  1. I am completing my preceptorship this week for my last nursing class. I had already got my preceptor a card and gift but my instructor broke the news to us today. We now have to write a formal letter to out preceptor, facilitator, and director. I have not every wrote a formal letter and I am stressing about this. CAN someone please send me a templete or a sample of one!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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  3. by   Imafloat
    I wrote out a thank you letter to my preceptor, but it wasn't real formal. How formal does yours have to be. That is kind of weird, I became close to my preceptor and it would feel weird and stiff to be formal. In my letter I told her thank you for her time, because I realized it was a commodity she could never get back. I told her that she was an excellent nurse and I felt fortunate to have her as my first nurse role model. I thanked her for always believing in me, even when I doubted myself (I was in NICU and afraid of doing something wrong). I also told her that the babies were fortunate to have someone who genuinely cared about them.

    This probably wasn't much help, maybe do a google search for thank you letter template or something. Good luck!