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  1. dont be disheartened by other people's bad experiences getting jobs. when i was applying for graduate positions i got accepted to 3 different ones! i acepted a childrens hospital.

    when talking to my graduate coordinator she told all the new grads that no matter what your theory knowledge is like as long as youve passed they mainly look at your personality, are you a happy person, will you make patients smile, take the job in your stride etc. the grad program is based to improve your skills and knowledge so there not trying to find out how smart you are etc!

    when going for your interview try not stress out, just be yourself and just think of it as a friendly but professional chat! im sure you'll do well! i did


    p.s dont think negatively from other peoples experiences you have to go in there being positive otherwise itll be reflected by your actions! and dont forget to smile
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  3. by   k.morris
    Thank you for your encouragement!!!!!......It is really nice to see a post like that amoung all the others. Where do you live where you landed such an amazing oppurtunity. Congratulations!!!!!!
  4. by   rachiee
    i live in western australia, in perth. im working at princess margaret hospital and the grad program is absolutely fantastic! rachiee
  5. by   k.morris
    Im so jealous, but happy for you def!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in South Jersey(USA) about 5 mins from philadelphia and the job market is almost impossible and I would love to get into a children's hospital....I need to move out of country...maybe down under haha...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   rachiee
    Oh there is heaps here! And the opportunites are fantastic! My grad program has 3 rotations. Its so well designed and you have so much support! Even if your not doing a graduate program there are 45min inservices every week day on everything from new dressings to new procedures or just upskilling! You can also write down preferences on things you would like to learn about and the CDN's Clinical Development Nurses or SDNS Staff Development Nurses come up with the info needed to make you competent in a area. Its Fantastic!
  7. by   rachiee
    if it is really hard to get a job near you, i would ring around all the hospitals near you and speak to the hospital nurse manager, ask to work casually if no full time/part time positions are avaliable, that way you'll show your reliable and a good worker, get good references and when a job opportunity comes up take it! even if its not the best of positions or not where you really want to work, look at it as a stepping stone! once your in, itll soon be easy to swap wards etc.

    good luck!