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I did very well in nursing school and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. I enjoyed precepting and looked forward to starting my career. Now I'm 3 months into orientation on a surgery floor and just... Read More

  1. by   madore57
    I've been an RN for 24 years and I still remember that first job. I was also new in the city and not familiar with even the type of IV bags they had. I also had almost 0 orientation. My preceptor was more interested in flirting with the Interns than working with me. I remember day 1 on the floor - the RN who took over my assignment grabbed me by the arm and took me from room to room and in front of God and everyone told me in a very loud voice - every mistake I made. Yup - that's cold!

    My advice. 1. OK - I think straight out of school it is easier to work in a non-specialty - lower acuity floor. Give yourself 1 year to get your feet wet. Then move on to those areas you've dreamed of working in. They are not going away!

    2. Those nasty boys and girls we have to work with from time to time - well, unfortunately, in this life - we're stuck with them. They seem to be EVERYWHERE!!! Try to let their comments roll off your back.

    3. You don't have to stay where you are. Find something better. Try to find the new job before you quit the present job - if you possibly can.

    4. Remember how those nasty people made you feel. You will be the experienced Nurse soon and new people will be coming to you. Give better than they gave to you. Be the kind Nurse you wish you had in your corner at work right now.
    Good Luck!
  2. by   nursemike203
    I just graduated from LPN school 3 weeks ago, I start my new job on Monday, I was an A student, but a B in clinical, I had the most trouble with time management and organization (much like my life) I have the knowledge and compassion, I just need to gather my confidence and organize my thoughts, I am my biggest critic as well, If i forgot to do something or maybe could have said or done something different it would eat me up all weekend and then I come to find out it was fine or a moot point. Now I am on the verge of starting my career and the anxiety is heightening, I am sure all grads have gone through this and my resiliencey will help my through this as well as my knowledge (which is really nil) IIII need experience:spin:
  3. by   LPN2RNmommy
    Quote from sophiajoy
    I did very well in nursing school and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. I enjoyed precepting and looked forward to starting my career. Now I'm 3 months into orientation on a surgery floor and just not doing well, either in my job or my life. It's not just my own insecurity--my preceptor and nurse manager agree that I just don't seem to get it. I especially struggle with time management. I may have taken on too much right out of school... I'm on 12-hour nights on a high-acuity floor, and am new to the city. I am becoming seriously depressed, ashamed and freaked out about my best-laid plans going so rapidly awry that I'm having a hard time functioning. At this point I am asking myself, "What in the hell was I thinking, that I could be a nurse?" What if I lose my first job? My self-confidence is zilch by now and the idea of applying for another job is terrifying and humiliating. Any thoughts, advice, comisser

    Your story just about sounds like mine. I started out on Telemetry (big mistake). The I left the hospital all together for a Nursing home...slower pace, more patients and still, there are emergencies. Now they have me floating shifts and floors. In the month and change that I've been there, I don't know the patients that well adn they are on a gang of meds. I feel like I am not a good nurse because I am so slow and I feel like I can't remember everything. I have to be honest, sometimes I feel like floor nursing isn't for me...scratch that, most times BTW, I graduated 6/05
    guys you both sound identical to me!!! i was top of my class in lpn school... but i was picked on for being the 'booksmart but no common sense' girl... arrgh.. but who knows? i feel awful.. i understand the theory behind the nursing and disease... but when it comes to dealing with 5+patients and numerous charting and wiping butts.... it's hard to use those thinking skills.... i also started in telemetry and the floor was horrnedous.. nurses were bitter and quick to point out my shortcomings.. then i went to LTc but all i felt like was a pill pusher.... my 8am med passes take till almost 11.. then u have the doctors orders to take off.. family members calling to ask 'how is my mother mrs. jones doing?.. as if i know.. i didn't even get to really see her yet... i work agency and don't even know the residents!!!
    then if there is a fall.... incident report... there goes another chunk of time..... didn't get time to get noon meds started right away.. oh darn.. istill have treatments to do yet!!!!!! oh yeah.. two people need suppositories too.. great....
    oh no.. mr. R has chest pain......... mrs. x just vomited...... it never ends.... really..... either it is just us? or maybe nursing itself better lower the ratios and expectations of what nurses are..
    in the hospital.. if pharmacy screws up... it is NURSE'S FAULT... if there are no aides to feed.. nurses have to.. if there is no secretary.. nurses have to do the paperwork... if laundry service doesn't have enough blankets.. guess who? if pt/ot can't walk the patient,, who has to do it? nurse does..
    i'd like to just use my skills in a steady pace environment and not feel like an indentured servanat:angryfire .. i know there are martyrs out there that say i may sound 'uncaring'.. but i DO CARE.. that is the problem... how can anyone say they have job satisfaction when u barely have time to talk to pts or rub their backs or such? i want to give better care... that's why i came to this forum.. looking for advice.. adn those that share my feelings... thanks for reading me, guys