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  1. Well, was doing my first shift of orientation today, and I got a call to the managers office. I had originally decided nights because I didn't plan on getting into the RN to BSN program where I got my ADN from, but I did. (I have to pass the NCLEX first time or I'm out)

    She decided that she would give me the FT weekend day shift position! Basically, I work every weekend day and once during the week. I get time and a half the weekend days, so basically, get paid for 4 days, and only work 3. I think this is pretty much perfect because by the time I finish nursing school I'd be done with this commitment. She normally doesn't put new grads on it, but because it would be a such a good fit with my schedule, I told her I don't see any problems with this. I can only have 3 weekends off this next year, and all of the holidays that fall within the weekend I work. Im not on an A or B schedule. I like this too because I'm usually bad at keeping up with a schedule, so I KNOW i'll work every weekend, and my one day a week would probably end up being set due to school.

    Any thoughts? It's a surgical floor, btw. And all of the people I've talked too so far on orientation I like, they said the weekend crew is pretty tight knit and they work together really well.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Congrats, that is great!

    I work weekends -- Friday-Sunday every week, 11a-11p. I don't get as much extra pay for weekends as you do, but every little bit helps. My husband is a tattoo artist and works all weekends, so it's perfect for us. I love working weekends and having weekdays off. The other bonus to weekends is that there isn't much traffic during my commute -- and working in the Northern Virginia area, that is a BIG plus.
  4. by   jollydogg_RN

    I didn't even think about the traffic issue, but since the hospital is like ten minutes from my house, its a non-issue anyway. Yea, I was suprised when I asked her what the incentive was like about the weekends. I really just thought about it to fit my schedule. I didn't know about time and a half. Hey, no complaints here! Now If I could just work a few months and get a pay raise