going on my 5th wk orientation..feels like I'm not ready to go on my own

  1. Hi everyone,
    My name is Marie, graduated in June 2006, passed the NCLEX in Aug.06...I started in a busy med-surge floor in a teaching hospital 4wks ago. I have a preceptor who's primary language is not English. On my part, english is my 2nd language so understanding her is very hard for me because most of the time she does not explain herself very well.i jst try to pick up from what she is saying. Most of the time, I can't follow through because i don't understand what she meant or even what she wants me to do. I've been with her going on 5th wk now but it seems like she still takes over our days...I try to organize my day as much as i can, but then she jumps in and would say "let's do this first for pt so and so" and she'd tell me that what i'm going to do is not a priority right now.then i get totally lost for the day.....I nver had a lot of chance to pass Oral meds because I jst can't do it because there's so much that she wants me to do in between, so we ask our LVN to do it, but the rest of IVPB's and charting and assessment, MD orders we do. I am just concerned because Im coming off orientation in 2 wks and for the most part, I can pick up the day if nothing unusual happens, but when somethings come up like abnormal lab values or electrolytes, i dont have the chance to talk to NP's or MD's to obtain or clarify orders because she does it herslf, but I go with her and listen. What she has emphasized to me all throughout this time is that I cant spend too much time doing a procedure or just hanging an IV for 5-10 mins in 1 pt because I still have other patients. I understand that, it's just that this is my first time to deal with central lines and all that so i keep forgetting my saline flushes, or sometimes i forget even my glucometer...I just can't focus because Im thinking that she's going to say something if Im too slow...But, rushing with things is not helping me...Now that the orientation is about to end in 2 wks, Im worried, that I might not be able to function well....Is this a normal feeling???
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  3. by   RNLisa
    Unfortunately, it is normal, but IT SHOULDN"T BE!!! I posted another thread earlier, read it, it is my story about being a new grad/new nurse. I felt like you did! IT should NOT be like that though. New grads should NOT be made to work too fast that we are not learning. It should NOT be that way at all. I am so angry that we are made to feel like this. I wish there was something I could do. You should talk to your educator, or nurse manager about how you feel. When I did that, all they could say was "It will get better". AND, it DID NOT!! Talk to someone. You need to feel good about being on your own. You can PM me if you want. Good luck to you, I feel your pain.
  4. by   truern
    OP, is there any way you can request a different preceptor?? I shudder to think of the two of you trying to communicate in a second language and not being able to understand what's being said and what needs to be accomplished. If you can't have another preceptor, maybe try explaining how you feel to this preceptor??

    I thank God daily for my experience...yes, I'm still overwhelmed at times at the sheer volume of paperwork, documenting, communicating with MDs, etc, but I know I can count of my preceptor to be there for me when I need her.

    Better yet, I know I can count on ANY of the nurses on my unit...we're a team!!
  5. by   Hebrews 13:5
    I wouldn't ask for a new preceptor at this time.JMHO. Since you have only two weeks left. Request that you actually take the full load of patients or atleast ask for 4 of her patients (if she has 5) or 3 if she has 4 patients. And talk to her about actually doing the work( i mean the entire Pt. care)while she follows you around and assists as appropriate.
    My last 3 weeks, I was taking all my preceptor's Patients and only asked questions when necessary. She was even glad because that was a big relief for her. So, I would suggest you talk to her first. Goodluck..