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  1. Hello, I am a new member of, although I used it as a resource throughout nursing school. I graduated in May of this year, and as most new grads know, it has been extremely difficult to find a job. I ended up with a job on the transitional care unit of a nursing home, and I absolutely hate it. I really didn't do my research first, just jumped on the opportunity because that is what we were advised to do by our instructors. Take the first thing you get, stick with it for a year or so, then move on to something you are really interested in. I was not familiar with "primary nursing", but know that I've been at the home for a few months, I am painfully aware that this is not a good environment for a new graduate. The majority of my shift is spent administering meds and assisting with ADL's. I'm lucky to get in a quick assessment at the beginning of my shift. If we get an admission, I will be there hours after my shift ends in order to get the necessary paperwork and charting done. As it is, I am now frequently late leaving and I have not had to do an admission, send anyone out, or discharge anyone yet. I found out that the facility didn't want to hire new grads, but they did because they couldn't get any experienced nurses. My orientation wasn't anything at all what I was hoping for. I feel that in this type of environment I am being indirectly set up to fail, and I am miserable. I didn't bust my butt in nursing school to wind up with a job that I am miserable doing. The problem is, I don't feel I can leave without having another job lined up, and at the moment I'm still considered a new grad so my options are very limited. I am also finding that employers are looking for nurses with BSN's, and I have an associate's degree. I am hoping that someone out there can give me some guidance as to what my next move should be...are there options for a new grad that I haven't thought of? I can't really travel, as I have a family. My head is telling me to tough it out for a year so that I can go anywhere, but the job is affecting my life in so many ways...I don't sleep for fear that I missed something, a patient's med, a treatment, a symptom that could have led to a sentinel event that I could have prevented had I not been in a total care's room for 30 minutes taking them to the toilet... I really hope someone can give me some guidance/advice/encouragement...thank you!
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    I moved your thread to First Year After Nursing Licensure where I think you will get some helpful responses. You might want to look through some of the other threads in this forum for some helpful tips and suggestions.

    Good luck.
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    I would try to stick it out for that first year- at least don't leave without having another job lined up first. The things you mention- being afraid of missing a med, tx, etc, that is all very normal for a new grad. This is a difficult have people's lives in your hands, that is bound to stress you out and affect you outside of the job. I remember having nightmares about work as a new grad- panic attacks- tears- but I made it! I am now in a very high-acuity ICU and loving it! You can do this...just know that what you are feeling is very NORMAL for a new grad!