From CNA to LPN

  1. ]I have been working in a LTC facility for the past two years as a CNA. I have recently passed my boards and have been licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. The DON at my facility has offered me a position as a LPN on 3-11 shift, the same shift that I have worked as a CNA for the past two years. I have submitted applications to the two local hospitals but have had no feed-back from either. My question is am I shooting myself in the foot by staying where I've been employed for the past two years. I know that I'm a little ahead with knowing the residents and their behaviors. I would like to get my feet wet somewhere where I am at least vaguely familiar. But in all honesty I am concerned with how the CNAs will take me as being the nurse on the floor when I am finally on my own. Sadly I must admit that my facility is cliquey and there are aides that think they know everything. Any advice on what route I should take is greatly appreciated.
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