forced to work the 3rd shift

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    I was wondering if you were hired to work the 7am-3pm or the 3pm to 11pm on a rotating basis if you could be forced in on the third shift. Has this happened to anyone? I ask because working the third shift makes me physically sick. I worked this shift about 5 years ago in a hotel and I was miserable. I don't mind working weekends or the 2nd shift and would never take a job if I had to work on the 3rd shift. I Know hospitals are understaffed and maybe the nurse manager could "force" a new grad into working this shift.

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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Well, it depends on where you're hired. At my hospital there are absolutely NO 1st shift RN positions available. You have to work up to 1st shift. There are many 2nd shift postitions available though - although, I'm not willing to work that shift. 5 -8 hour shifts. I would never see my family. No thanks! I think if you're hired for 1st shift and your contract says 1st shift, I can't imagine the employer being allowed to force you to 3rd shift.
  4. by   KatieBell
    No, you can not be forced to work third shift. but, as Jen points out, it can be difficult to get a first shift job, and I have only worked at a few places that do 8 hr shifts. You may have to choose from some lesser attractive jobs, but you won't be "forced" Now, in the case of extremely bad weather, I believe you can be mandated to stay until replacement arrives.

    When you apply you need to ask and make it clear that you can not do night shift. Ask if you would be mandated in "critical shortage" as well.

    Also remember, no one can force you to do anything. We all make choices everyday