Float Pool or Tele??....first job after nursing school

  1. Hello I am a new grad and just recently passed the RN boards. I have applied for an RN position in 2 hospitals in my town. Both hospitals offered me a position...one is a FT nights in Telemtry and the other FT days as a float nurse ( Acute Rehab/Tele/Med-Surg floatation). I am more leaning towards accepting the FT days (3 12 hours shifts) Float pool position because I have 2 little kids at home and I'd like to be able to be home at night with them. I am asking for your opinion especially for those who are maybe in float position at their current job. How does (float RN) it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this type of nursing job? I have heard from a friend of mine who was once worked as a Float CNA that doing float is not a good idea because most of the time they will assign you the most unstable patients ( nurses on the floor you are floated to pick their patients and then give you the ones they don't want to care for)...Is this right? I have to make a decision by the end of next week whether to accept the FT night in Telemetry or the Ft days Float Pool because both hospitals are starting their new grad program on Jan. 9th. I would like my first nursing job a positive start for me and will not scare me off....What do you guys think? Telemetry or Float Pool? Thank you very much...:uhoh21:
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    Answered your other post on the same topic.