first job as a GPN

  1. I was just offered a job working in a nursing home. It's only part time, but I accepted it. I'll be working the evening shift on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with every other Sunday off.
    This was the only thing available when I applied. I don't have fancy clothes, or nice dress clothes, and I live in blue jeans. So for
    my interview, I put on a pair of dark blue jeans, a pretty cotton top(the only pretty shirt I own), and a pair of sandals. I pulled my
    long hair back so it was off my shoulders and went into the interview with confidence. The interviewer told me I would hear from them in a week's time and I did. They offered me the job I applied for. Now maybe it was because I was the only one foolish enough to apply for that shift, or maybe it was because the interviewer really liked my qualifications... or could it be that
    she found me to be down to earth by the way I dressed? I don't
    know the answers...
    Monday and Tuesday I start orientation... well it's more like watching video's and listening to speakers talk about insurance, policies, and etc...
    Monday we're allowed to wear "street clothes" but on Tuesday they want us to wear uniforms or scrubs. The only uniforms I have are from clinical rotations when I went to school. So for the first time, I get to go out and buy new scrubs, in the colors or prints that I want. This is a new journey for me, and I'm scared and nervous. I don't know how I'll do as a charge nurse or a med-charge nurse.
    August 15th I go take the NCLEX exam and I'm so worried that I won't pass it the first time. During the two years of school I was in the high 80's and mid 90's, I did really good I thought. Our class started out with 35 students, and 12 of us graduated.
    I just hope I make it as a LPN, and I hope that those of you who read this and who are also GPN's at this time, I wish you luck on the NCLEX exam.
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  3. by   Godswill
    Congrat!!! Can u tell me what a GPN is? Is it some one who graduate LPN school but has not take the NCLEX- PN yet
  4. by   GPNANGEL
    correct,, GPN stands for "graduated practical nurse". I graduated on June 24th from a two year part time program. Are far are you
    on your studies?
  5. by   Godswill
    Sigh, I have not even started yet, Just missed the deadline so, i have to wait till next year,lol, They say the list is real long to get in these programs too, So i did mine now for the 2004 program so far it only 6 of us,lol

    Wow never knew u could get a job with out passing the NCLEX_PN first. I think that is real cool u are going to be a charge nurse at a nursing home though The program i am going in is 18 months full time.

    Congrats again
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