Feel like rescheduling

  1. I fell like rescheduling my NCLEX for a week or so...feel so overwhelmed..got a new book with 3500 questions and answers and feel like I need more time...or am I just postponing the agony
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  3. by   pcat
    You'll probably feel better to get it over with, I know I did. Whatever you decide, good luck!
  4. by   NicuNsg
    If you are feeling overwelmed...reschedule it. No matter what you'll be alittle nervous going in, but if you are in doubt, reschedule while you can. Try not to overstudy....you finished school...you know this stuff. The tricky part is the mental part of it. You really need to sike yourself out. Make a test day plan, wear tennis shoes with socks and something comfy. I took a break every 50 questions or so, went to the bathroom and splashed water in my face, just to get myself focused. If I was feeling nervous I would take a deep breath, if that didn't work...break time.
    Stay positive and know the test is mostly mental readiness, you know your stuff have faith. Let us know what happens!!! Good luck :angel2:

    Oh, get a CD and practice computer questions, that is really the best way to learn and get comfortable with the CAT.
  5. by   orchid
    thank you guys...you are the best...will let you know what goes on
  6. by   JacelRN
    Hi Orchid,

    I completely agree with what NICUNSG said. It is good advice. Passing the NCLEX is only so much knowledge-based, the other parts are confidence in your ability to answer questions and ANXIETY control. If you feel you are not prepared, perhaps you are telling yourself the truth.

    Be honest with yourself and make the decision based on how confident you feel. If you have any thoughts that more time would equal you feeling more prepared to pass then take it! You can put it off 1 or 2 weeks versus 45 days.

    Whatever you decide we're here for you and praying for your success. Hang in there, you will become a nurse sooner than you think if you can just make it past this last hurdle.

    God Bless,
  7. by   nclexhater
    Take the test already! Get it over with. Those books do not help you to prepare for boards. They say that boards are something you can't prepare for. So take it NOW!!
  8. by   nekhismom
    Wow, I feel like the books help increase CONFIDENCE in one's own skills. Maybe they don't give you the answers to the NCLEX, but they help you think like the NCLEX thinks. As Kaplan says, "Nclex is ivory tower nursing." You gotta think like an ivory tower nurse, not a REAL nurse!!
  9. by   KimRN03
    If I were you I would just take the test. I had a couple friends reschedule thinking they would have more time to prepare, but in the long run it was just agonizing for them. Take it as soon as you can, especially if you have been committed to studying and have really been hitting the questions hard. I took Kaplan and they said that if you have done 3,000 questions, you are probably well prepared. Take a deep breath, you can do this!!