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I always try to aspirate for blood before starting a new bag of solution, or starting an antibiotic. When I am unable to see blood, but the saline flush goes through OK, I am still worried that the... Read More

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    Let me also point out to everyone that a slimy sheath surrounds the IV cannula within 24 hours of it being placed in a vein. This is called the fibrin sheath. Sometimes a flap of this fibrin sheath will cover the opening of the cannula and create something similar to a one-way valve. Then, if you try to aspirate blood from the hub of the cannula, even with a tourniquet on the person's arm, you're not going to get one drop of blood. You can also flush that IV until the cows come home and you are still not going to get a flashback of blood. So, no blood return is not necessarily a reliable sign that you have a bad IV.
    Thanks for this one. I have told student's and new nurses that this happens (no flashback) at times, but I couldn't remember "why."