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Ok, Nervous wreck here. I just took the NCLEX this morning, and like a lot of you, I walked out feeling like I failed. It seemed like every other answer was wrong.. The computer shut down at 77... Read More

  1. by   EricJRN
    Keep in mind that both passers and failers tend to get around 50% correct, so it's supposed to feel hard and overwhelming.
  2. by   jenrn2006 I know how you feel! I just took my NCLEX this morning; the most nerve wracking experience I've had since Nursing School! My test shut off at 160-----I was expecting that since I passed 75 that I'd get the whole 265! I don't know what to think; did I barely pass or was I so stupid that the computer gave up on me??? Some of the questions seemed really hard; and I found that I didn't use the Kaplan "decision tree" hardly at all!!!

    Our paper says we have to wait 2 business days to get the "unofficial" results. You can bet I'll be checking the website tomorrow and Monday. I already checked it this afternoon and it says my results are ready for delivery!

    Hang in there; that's all we can do at this point!
  3. by   Jkela
    Hi everyone!
    I have an assignment that it is nearing its due date. One of my professors have asked all of the nursing students to conduct a interview with a RN and I have been having the hardest time finding a RN who is willing to answer my questions, so if anyone would be interested in answering a couple questions about their career as a Nurse please PM me. I would really appreciate it!
  4. by   jenrn2006
    Hi All! Just putting in an update......I found out this morning that I PASSED!!!!! What a harrowing 4 days it's been...but now I can finally relax!!!!
  5. by   EricJRN
  6. by   RN-Momof5Kids
    I had 77 questions too and I am just beside myself. I thought that I would be happy to be done, but instead I am sad and depressed. Seems everything is just down until I find out. And the CA BRN hasn't updated since Monday so I just sit here and wait. There is no quick results in this state (why? I don't know) but I just sit and wait and dread the answer as to did I fail???
  7. by   gbarrera2
    I just took my exam yesterday and it turned off on the 78th question. It was my second time taking the exam, and I believe I was actually more nervous than the first time. This is absolute torture, I was an excellent student as an Undergrad and I just don't understand why this exam was so hard for me. I'll find out tomorrow if I have to start telling all my family, "third time is the charm!" God, I hope I passed!!!:uhoh21:
  8. by   Mel11
    A 2 day wait is bad enough, I couldn't do a 2 month wait. And the CAT is bad enough, a 5 part test.... I just found out I failed it for the 2nd time so I'm regrouping and preparing to try yet another strategy of attack.
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