Exit HESI exam quirks. Material on test but not in HESI review book. (No specifics) - page 4

Has anyone whos taken an exit HESI exam recently gotten questions on their exam which weren't in the HESI/Evolve study book in any form or fashion. I have found two unless i overlooked them somehow.... Read More

  1. by   jj43
    cdf98, congratulations. i just took hesi v-1 and missed it by 4 points. i just want to ask you if you just read the hesi book and practice the cd in preparation for it. and did u have a lot of medsurge questions or a combination of everything? thanks and goodluck to u.
  2. by   pmr0409
    thankx jj43, by 4 points!!!! Thats how it goes! I did study the hesi evolvle book, the disc with it is useless, i would use NCLEX 4000 program instead, i also did the hurst review (online), and daily nclex questions (nclex 4000) and i read my nclex RN book, overkill really!! Id just study the HESI book, and study the NCLEX 4000 questions, and if you have time do a study review or go thru a big nclex study book (any of them) and youll be fine Its hard to pinpoint, to me it was all med surg!

    Good luck!!! Stay confident and dont overthink the questions!
  3. by   cocogirl80

    i have a question to ask you about the exit hesi. i don't know how to PM. will you email me at cocogirl80@gmail.com?