Dressing for the job interview

  1. It's that time to start interviewing and it has been awhile! What advice can anyone give me on what is now the expected way to dress? What did you wear? Thanks!
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    In the winter I usually wear a navy blue suit. In the summer I usually wear just a regular conservative type dress. I know one thing for sure not to wear and that is "shorts". The LTC had hoped to hire a new RN because she had a great "resume". However, when she arrived at "her interview" wearing shorts they said "No way". Despite the fact that they needed RN's badly they said they wouldn't hire anyone like that.
  4. by   Katnip
    Just make yourself look as professional as possible. I know some out there wear more casual dress than is the norm for most professions, but from what I've heard from managers, the ones who are dressed more conservatively get their attention more. Why? It shows maturity.

    Suits are fine. Dresses are ok as long as they don't look like something you'd wear to the beach or a cocktail party. No shorts, no jeans. Wear stockings. Yes, even in the summer..it's only a short walk and you'll be in airconditioning soon.

    Keep jewelry smallish and tasteful. No clanking.

    Nails should be kept neat and trimmed and if you wear nailpolish, no splitting, chipping, or peeling. Shouldn't go about like that anyway.

    No clown makeup.

    Keep your hair neat looking. It doesn't have to be fashionable, just at least run a comb through it.
  5. by   Carleigh
    Thanks for the advice. I knew that dark suits are usually the standard for interviews but here in the summer months, it gets sooo hot. Can't believe that someone would show up in shorts though!! Maybe I'll find a nice dress/jacket combo.
  6. by   Ali_Oop07
    I am in the south and things are pretty casual here. I would just wear nice slacks and a tasteful (conservative) top. Maybe a light sweater set. Khakis would be ok too.

    I would definitely wear a close-toed shoe, though some of my friends disagree. Good Luck!