Do you hate this job, & think 'how can I keep doing this?' - page 2

If you feel like you hate your first or second job and you are thinking why did I do this? Here are some of my thoughts, from MY experience or observations, in Nursing and in a regular office job... Read More

  1. by   Ilobekeme
    I know it's been a year, but thanks for sharing.
  2. by   macjack4
    This is so me right now and its only been 2 months!!! thanks
  3. by   BrendaH84
    I just re-read my post, and yep, all that stuff is true.
    Two more things.
    1. find a nurse who acts professional and kind, when you feel shocked, mad, sad, or frustrated, picture "what would she/he act like, right now" then YOU DO THAT. in other words, keep the calm look on your face, just nod, just calmly act like that person. that other person is the nurse that you will emulate until you master it yourself.

    2. get a clip board and put several pieces of paper in there. Get ONE pen that has more than one color in it. they have them at the grocery store or an office supply store.
    write stuff down. separate stuff with the diff colors of your pen, I even put other nurses names in there whom I don't know and what they look like! exp: short haired very blued eyed girl=Mary Brown, IV supplies in supply room on left side of nurses station. Dr Smith ALWAYS wants RN to call his NP, not him. bed alarms are hidden in the bottom left cabinet in the supply closet on the left side of the unit.
    write down how things are done that you've learned too-so that you don't have to ask too many times, plus it makes you FEEL CONFIDENT to know "ok i know how this is done cuz i have it written on my clipboard" . And some things you will do infrequently and you'll forget so you'll have it in your cheat sheet. I have two cheat sheets.
    having confidence makes you not feel so dumb and crappy all shift long. also if someone says, well WHO gave you that info, who was that float nurse last night? you don't have to look crazy dumb, you will look at your clip board and say, "oh that was Mary Brown with the short blonde hair. Maybe someday when you are not new, you can get away with saying "I dunno who that float nurse was, guess we could could look at the schedule." but until then just write everything down.
    then cover your notes with a few blank pieces of paper so others can't see it.
    I also put my printed MARS in my clipboard or whatever I'm using that shift.
    my cheat sheet and clipboard go home with me every night.

    When I was new, my preceptor said "you're not SERIOUSLY writing that down are you"
    just write it down and know that she's a jerk. she intimidated me, i didn't write that one thing down, she CALLED IN the next day, it came up and of COURSE i had to ask again the next day. that incident was we had 7 regular Docs who frequented our floors, each one had certain things you MUST do. Some said you MUST fax all my pt's labs to me when they come in, some said you must NEVER fax that to me you must call me, some said why are you calling me, call my NP, etc etc etc I should've just wrote it all down and let her think it was dumb.

    When you are new... Do NOT complain about others, I KNOW you want and need to.
    talk to yourself in the car or to someone you don't work with. The messegner is always killed.
    How do you respond when Jane says, "did you HEAR the way Suzy Que talked to me, she's a devil right?" you: picture what the mentor in your head would do or say. and do that!