Cook Children's RN Residency July 2018

  1. Hi everyone!!

    I'm starting a thread for the incoming July 2018 Cohort! I thought it would be nice to get each others experiences with the interviewing process and steps to hiring! My main pick is the Pediatric Emergency Department.

    I know they start calling this week for interviews!
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  3. by   txnursing15
    Hi there! I'm super excited that you've made a post because even though it's only Monday, I'm so pumped to have the possibility of getting a call this week for an interview! I applied for the critical care track so, fingers crossed!
  4. by   Ashleykae
    Same!! Hopefully we get called!
  5. by   LexiBrouhard
    Has anyone got a call yet? I applied for the Med-Surg track!
  6. by   Ashleykae
    I haven't received a call yet
  7. by   txnursing15
    Day 2 and haven't heard anything either!
  8. by   Ashleykae
    So I went back and looked at earlier cohorts they had and ROUGHLYYYY they seem to have gotten phone calls on Wednesday so maybe that'll be the same way it'll be! Fingers crossed
  9. by   mgwilson4
    I got a call this morning for an interview!
  10. by   Ashleykae
    Yay!!! congratulations! Wednesday is the lucky day!
  11. by   Ashleykae
    mgwilson4: What track did you apply for?
  12. by   mgwilson4
    I applied for critical care!
  13. by   Ashleykae
    Awesome, me too!
  14. by   txnursing15
    Congratulations!!! Were you able to schedule your interview day or they just gave you a set time and date?