Cook Children's Cohort July 2017

  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to start a thread for the Cook Children's July 2017 Cohort in Fort Worth TX!
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  3. by   belll
    I have officially made the decision to apply, so I'll be getting my application ready to submit!
  4. by   lbroberts265
    yay! I submitted mine last week! what track are you applying for?
  5. by   belll
    Oh wow congrats!! I'm still working on this essay but I'll be applying for the critical care track, how about you? Also, are you from the Dallas area?
  6. by   lbroberts265
    I am from Fort Worth but I go to school in Lubbock! like 1/2 of my class is applying there hahah What about you??
  7. by   ss95
    I applied! but you already know that @lbroberts265
  8. by   fluffygirl95
    I have officially applied too! Just wanting to stay updated on everyones application process. Good luck to y'all
  9. by   ss95
    only 3 more weeks until we hear about interviews! (which is WAY to far away from now!) anyone know what the odds are of them possibly notifying us sooner than that? I just hate how you won't know if you have an interview until literally a week before them.
  10. by   fluffygirl95
    I don't know for sure, but I think we wont know until that exact week that they have listed :/
    i am so tired of waiting though
  11. by   lbroberts265
    Getting so nervous!!! One week till we could hear about interviews!!
  12. by   futurepedirn
    Anyone heard anything yet? I know they are starting to make phone calls today.
  13. by   lbroberts265
    Nothing here.
  14. by   bartlett.m
    Hey everyone! I'm on the same boat! Patiently waiting for a phone call Good luck to all!!!