computer charting lost!

  1. I'm freaked out. I was out at the fair with grandkids today. Came home to a message that says my charting and discharge papers are missing.
    I don't understand!
    Luckily, I saved my handwritten notes from that day. They were still in my clipboard! I had even made a scetch of her three bandages for charting. I remember the charting because I had trouble thinking of how to word the drainage and the locations.
    Also, I remember giving her the yellow copy when she left. We were laughing because I acidentally did more work on that then I was supposed to.
    It's bad enough responding to all the normal screwups I do as a newbie.
    Anyone else have computer charting lost? Or anything?
    Any advice?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    I've been know to accidentaly delte an RN's admission assessment and care plan. That's why they took the medical record delete button away from me at my homecare agency. If our computer system crashes, we lose any intake info not saved, so yes rare glitch occurs.