CHOC RN Residency August 2018 - page 13

Hello everyone, so applications for CHOC opened recently and i wanted to start this so that we could keep each other updated! i just applied for PICU! good luck to you all :) :) :)... Read More

  1. by   pedzRN
    congrats!! do you know if they will still be making calls for interviews?
  2. by   RMLvv
    The call was brief and I just scheduled a time to interview.
  3. by   xqueennurse
    Has anyone heard from the mental health unit?
  4. by   newgrad1103
    Has anyone gotten a call back from PICU CVICU after their interview
  5. by   Nurserndk
    Quote from newgrad1103
    Has anyone gotten a call back from PICU CVICU after their interview
    Still waiting to hear from CVICU after my interview last wednesday! Did you interview with PICU or CVICU?
  6. by   Gabriellefs
    I applied to the medical unit and just received the emailed rejection letter good luck to everyone else though!
  7. by   Nurserndk
    Would someone be willing to do me a favor? I'm not on the RN Facebook page that I know a lot of people are one because I don't have a Facebook...I know they sent out some rejection emails to people who did not have in person interviews but I'm wondering about for those who did have in person interviews. Has anybody heard from anyone who has heard back after an in person interview with the CVICU or would anyone mind posting on that thread and asking if anyone had an in person interview with the CVICU and has heard back? The anticipation is killing me and I just want to know already!
  8. by   newgrad1103
    I applied to PICU. Also I think the FB page is only for ppl who were offered a job not for candidates
  9. by   Nurserndk
    Not the employee Facebook page! Theres a Facebook page that offers interview advice for new grads and I know they have a thread about this cohort as well!
  10. by   shortynurse
    do you have the link?
  11. by   Nurserndk
    I don't have the link cause I deleted my Facebook! But it was called RN interview tools. It's private page that you have to request to join but they offer really good interview advice and have forums like this of people keeping each other updated on jobs
  12. by   nursing-friend
    Still no word here either way from NICU @ Mission. 9 more days to know for sure, I guess! Crossing my fingers!
  13. by   nursing-friend
    Nothing but CRICKETS around here!! Has anyone heard anything lately?