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  1. I was just wondering. Back in April when I was offered a couple of jobs, I accepted the cardiothoracic position over a general med-surg position. When I tell people that I took a position in cardiac, they are always impressed that I managed to get a job there. Then I hear that cardiac nursing is where the "smart nurses" go. I dont feel like I am any smarter then any other nurse just because I am heading for cardiothoracic instead of general med-surg. It seems to me that I got the job because the nurse manager felt that I could do the job. Its not about brains.
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  3. by   zacarias
    Hey there girl,

    I agree to a point although I think you are smart and impressed the socks of the nurse manager (nice gal too, I saw her on Thu) though. Cardiac nursing does require effort/special knowledge on the part of the nurse and a deep willingness to learn on the part of a new graduate nurse. Of course I think all nursing positions require people to be "smart." Maybe a cardiac nurse needs to have a passion for the heart and its intricasies.
  4. by   vaughanmk
    I also got a job on a cardiac unit as a new grad. I love it. It is a unit that is trying to switch over to be officially "stepdown" unit. My manager asked me this week if I would like to orientate to the CICU we are connected to, so I can go in between the two units.

    I think it takes a lot of guts, courage, and heart to go strait into any specialty as a new grad. If I can make it so can you.