cant wait to graduate

  1. i start my second year for my rn next thursday i graduate the second friday of my, how did everyone get through their grad year? any good pointers out there? thanks.
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  3. by   nekhismom
    ONly one: study study study! A good study partner helps.
  4. by   tinyhands4Him
    our program was a 5 semester nursing program where after we did two yrs of undergrad work we had 5 straight semesters strictly focused on nursing (we went the summer in between the two yrs). That last year was realy just one semester of critical care and then we had a semester for our preceptorship. All I did was look foward to my preceptorship...we could go anywhere we wanted in the was kinda scary, but an awesome learning experience.....our senior year was slightly more relaxed than the previous....probably just b/c we had gotten used to the routine and adjusted our lives to nursing school and having no life, but i enjoyed it to the fullest. Remember to take time for yourself b/c soon you will be out and on your own into the real working world. Most people actually miss being in school (or maybe its just college life, not the classes) once they are and try to stay focused......on your are almost done! good luck!