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I'm feeling very depressed. I was able to get a job on a general medicine floor at a large teaching hospital and I was very grateful to have a job since I've heard it can be tough for new grads right... Read More

  1. by   Nurse momma
    I too am a recent grad and just had my first week on my own...no lunch break either day and only one bathroom break (which I was grateful for). I did have a 6 week orientation, but I still feel unprepared for what I had to handle this week. I too dread each shift and find myself scanning the want ads in hopes of finding anything else!! We are a very busy unit and we have up to 6 pts on a day shift. This week we were short staffed on PCA's and we had to be total care...luckily they only gave me four pt's for this but total care on our very sick pt.'s is pretty crazy for this newly licensed nurse. It is not what I expected. There is no pt. centered care, it is task centered care. I spend so much time documenting what I documented that I feel I am not able to really care for my pt's.

    You are not alone and I hear all new nurses feel this way. I only hope that it gets easier for us because we worked very hard to get here