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Hello grads! I am about halfway through my RN-BSN program and feel like I need to get a move on preparing for the NCLEX. For those who felt good about their preparation, what tools did you use? I... Read More

  1. by   nervousmotherof3
    I did the Kaplan Online Live Course (especially the Qbank), Saunders book (to improve weak knowledge of certain diagnoses) and LaCharity book (for Prioritization and Delegation). Passed w/ 75 questions.
  2. by   gaajr1
    Hi! Like some of them mentioned, I would recommend taking Kaplan's online Qbank. It has 1200 and odd q's which you could practice from. The best part is the NCLEX screen and question format is almost the same. In my opinion this takes away 25% of the stress. You have been preparing for NCLEX from the day you started nursing program. What's imp is the strategy involved in answering the q's. Do follow the "decision tree" in Kaplan Qbank...helps a lot! It may take time to get a hang of it but then becomes second nature.
    Good luck!
  3. by   StudentAmie
    Thanks for all the advice!

    I am halfway done and will finish in April.

    My concern is that quite honestly, I don't feel like my education is preparing me much. Other than clinicals, my coursework has been kind of baloney and since it was a second degree program I never took patho and the pharm course I took sucked. I did have a great A&P couple of courses, but if I am expected to pass without outside help...I think it will be a stretch.

    Again, thanks so much!
  4. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    When I had a month to NCLEX, I used the KAPLAN book and made sure I answered all my Q-bank questions and re-answered the ones I had failed previously. I loved the KAPLAN book very much because it was very concise and I didn't feel overwhelmed with information I didn't need to know.

    Before I graduated and still had the time, I studied with the Saunders and HESI(blue/white/green?) books just because they had everything I needed to know summarized.