Are there any fellow CNL students out there?

  1. I was just wondering if there's any other CNL students out there from other programs. I'm in the CNL program at Medical College of GA, and we're the first class of CNL's that they have going right now. There's only 14 of us, and I was wondering how other programs were doing. Please write and maybe we can chit chat!
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    Hi there! I wanted to say hello after I saw your posting. I was just accepted into the CNL program at MCG for fall 2007. I thought it would be nice to hear how things are going for you now that you are further into the program. I would love to get an idea of what is to come (your personal experiences thus far) and correspond with you. I hope all is well, take care.


    P.S. Any suggestions on nice areas to live in would be much appreciated... I've heard various things!
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    [font="comic sans ms"]ok not to be a complete dummy but what is a cnl? i've never heard of them but i'm from maryland so maybe we don't have them here.
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    CNL=Clinical Nurse Leader. It's a new nursing role that was recently started by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. See the link below for a full description of what exactly a "CNL" entails.

    Basically we are going to be RN's with MSN's who are going to be assisting with the interdisciplinary aspects of healthcare. We ensure that all the parties involved (ie Respiratory therapy, nutritionists, speech, OT, etc) are talking and on the same page. We also look at current protocols and ensure that we are using evidence based practice as our institutional measuring stick rather than doing things a certain way "because they've always been done that way." Some people like the ideas of CNL's and others don't. Most people are either for or against-there doesn't appear to be any in between in my experience, but regardless, the research shows that with CNL use, patient satisfaction improves as does staff morale. (The study I'm thinking of showed no changes in length of stay for an inpatient population.)

    CNL roles are just starting to show up around the country in spurts. I think the first class graduated this past December and took their certification exams this spring. My program was the 10th in the country to get started, but as I understand it there are about 20 or more programs currently.

    Anyways that's the CNL in a nutshell-a very SMALL nutshell. I encourage you to look at the link that I posted above to the AACN Working papers for a specific definition of what a CNL is and is not.
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    I work near a college of nursing that is starting a CNL program.
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    here's a new article on the role of the cnl at the bedside:
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    hi all! I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some insight. I have applied to the CNL program for Fall 2008 and am PAINFULLY waiting on a decision letter to get here. I know that a decision was made two weeks ago but I haven't received a letter yet, I called and admissions said some letters have gone out but not all of them....

    anyway, my question is, if any of you applied to the CNL program at MCG how long did it take to get your letter? I'm going nuts!

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    I've just been accepted to the CNL program for the FALL 2009 class. Its in Americas GA. ANYONE ELSE GOING TO BE MOVING DOWN THERE?
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    Sorry, old post